Anfield 🏟 7pm

It’s a moody evening at Anfield and if Liverpool win this game, they will be Premier League champions for the first time - and their 19th top-league title. West Ham are away, Liverpool are home.

The West Ham striker kicks off towards the Kop end.

Then they ran like the wind 💨 passing the football. The question is are they going to have an early lead? The striker scores. Yes they are! There are 3 minutes on the clock. The score is 1-0 to West Ham.

West Ham have the ball yet again, and attempt to score, but look 👀 Van Dijk swooped in, begging for the football ⚽️. It rolls to Mane. He runs like lightning, then crosses it to Firminio who scores. The score is 1-1. The time was 44 minutes. The crowd goes wild. It was beautifully placed in the top corner. It went straight in the goal 🥅

But wait. West Ham are on the charge. West Ham score What excellent timing! That makes the score 2-1 to West Ham.

It’s halftime. Liverpool’s kickoff.

Firminio kicks off to Mane, but look, Snodgrass is going in for a two legged slide tackle! The referee gives Snodgrass a red card 🟥!!!! PENALTY to The Reds!!! Salah steps up and scores. The score is 2-2. Salah scored in the 89th minute.

Extra time, 5 minutes to add on the clock ⏰ 🕰 .

Four minutes later Mane scores, in the ninety fourth minute!!!!! The score is 3-2 to Liverpool!!! Liverpool WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liverpool win the Premier League title for the first time!!!!!